The secular civilisation of the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries is flushing out spiritual values from many human consciences. In addition to good values, there are also bad ones. Contemporary man, often not realizing their presence, does not protect himself against them; moreover, he opens himself to them carelessly. Evil enters into human life and causes great spiritual, psychological and physical devastation. The Church, acting by the power of Christ, goes to the aid of these people, embracing them with pastoral care. One of the forms of such pastoral ministry is devotion to spiritual healing and freedom from the influence of the evil spirit.

Priest Jan Pęzioł

Every 4th Saturday of the month, a devotion to the healing of the soul and body is held in the Shrine by an exorcist of the diocese. Recordings of homilies given by priest Jan Pęzioł during previous services are available on the You Tube channel You Tube channel.

Service program:

17.30 -Rosary in the Chapel of O Holy Mother of God
18.00 - Mass in the Basilica, celebrated for the intentions recommended by the faithful. Intentions for Mass can be submitted to the parish office or brought to the sacristy in the Basilica directly before Mass.
After the Holy Mass, around 19.15 - The prayer service for healing ended around 21.00 with an individual blessing with the laying on of hands.

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Service Calendar 2019

January - 26.01
February - 23.02
March - 23.03
April - 27.04
May - 25.05
June - 22.06
July - 27.07
August - 24.08
September - 28.09
October - 26.10
November - 23.11
December - 28.12