The church was built from parishioners' donations in the years 1907-1914. The cost estimate and designs were prepared by Ksawery Dionizy Drozdowski, assistant to the engineer and architect of the Lublin Province. The construction was organised by the parish priest Feliks Bialy. The new church was situated within the area of the church hill (formerly a castle hill), on the area of the church cemetery of the old temple and partly the parish garden. Its longitudinal axis is marked out perpendicularly to the axis of the former temple. For this reason, the old church had to be demolished, because its walls were only one metre from the newly built walls. Only the chancel was left as a chapel with the statue of the Holy Mother of Kębło. In 2001 Pope John Paul II elevated it to the dignity of a minor basilica. In the years 2011-12, thanks to the efforts of the present parish priest Jerzy Ważny, the basilica was thoroughly renovated.

The church is a neo-Gothic building made of red brick, with three naves. Next to the presbytery there is a sacristy, next to the nave there is one tower and a turret for the bell tower above the nave. Inside, there are altars adapted in style to the building: the main altar with the statue of the Holy Mother of Wąwolnica and side altars with paintings of Merciful Jesus, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. Joseph and St. Francis. Twenty-voice organs in the music choir. A neo-Gothic baptismal font from 1966. In addition, the church is equipped with three bells from the Felczyńskis' bell-foundry in Przemyśl, consecrated in 1961 by the Lublin bishop Jan Kałwa.


1027 – the first mention of the existence of a pastoral point in Wąwolnica
1325 – the first mention of the existence of St. Adalbert's parish
The 15th century. - Jan Długosz mentions the second parish of St. Mary Magdalene
1700 – transfer of the statue of the Holy Mother from Kębło to Wąwolnica
1819 – The end of the patronage of the Benedictine monastery
1830 – the parish is administered by diocesan priests
1907–1914 – construction of the present church
10 X 1978 – Coronation of the figure of the Holy Mother of Kębło
2001 – elevating the church in Wąwolnica to the rank of a minor basilica
2011 - 2012 - thorough renovation of the basilica